What You Need to Know About Registering Business to DPMPTSP

What You Need to Know About Registering Business to DPMPTSP

Intend do to business activities in Indonesia? Understand what you must know about registering the business permissions and activities to DPMPTSP


As a businessperson who wants to expand or open your business legally in Indonesia, you must know about Badan Penanaman Modal Pelayanan Terpadu Satu Pintu (DPMPTSP/The Investment Board One Stop-Service). The regulation of DPMPTSP is stipulated on The Presidential Regulation of No. 97 the Year 2014.

What is the relation between DPMPTSP and the one-stop service in The Investment Coordinating Board (BPKM)? While the one-stop service of BKPM holds the service and coordinate the investment registration on the center, the DPMPTSP holds the investment registration service in each region (city/Regency) of Indonesia.

The presidential regulation of No. 97 the Year 2014 states that the arrangement of one-stop service by the regency or city government is carried out by the DPMPTSP. So that, if you want to register a business in a region, you can directly go to the DPMPTSP in the area and not in the center.

As cited in the same presidential regulation, the service of PTSP include the licensing and non-licensing services under the authority of the central government and regional government.



Kind of Business Matter to Register to DPMPTSP

As seen from the site of DPMPTSP DKI Jakarta, the permissions that can be registered on BPMPTPSP include:

  • The activities of the business entity
  • The individual actions
  • The feasibility of building functions
  • Business feasibility
  • Space permission
  • License/practice
  • Business license

The details of the permissions can be seen directly from the site of DPMPTSP DKI Jakarta on https://pelayanan.jakarta.go.id.


How to Register the Permission to DPMPTSP

If you want to register the business to DPMPTSP counter that is located in the office of the Provincial Administrations/ City Administrations and bring you. But for the DPMPTSP in DKI Jakarta, you may register the permission through online system in the https://pelayanan.jakarta.go.id.


You can also call the DPMPTSP Jakarta through 1500-164 or download the android application. In the DPMPTSP Jakarta’s site, you can also check your permission status online. Hence, it is not difficult to register and to review your business permission if you hold that in Jakarta since it is the capital city of Indonesia.

However, you cannot easily do it once you are in region/city, moreover if it is located far away from the capital city of Indonesia. Many regions do not apply the online registration process, so you must bring all of your document manually to the administrations’ office and register your business there to get permission. Hence, in some regions, we commonly find the problem of registering the business.

The government tries to overcome the problem by arranging the OSS system that is stipulated in the Government regulation of 24 the Year 2018. The OSS system permits the individual or business entity to get the single business number through the online system easily.


The system is also connected directly to SABH (Sistem Administrasi Badan Hukum/Legal System Administration) of the Ministry of Law. However, not all permissions can be registered to the OSS system because the aspects like the activity of business entities or the feasibility of building functions cannot be registered through the OSS system.

So, if you want to register the permission through the DPMPTSP, make sure that you know where the province/city administrations in your region are located, and ask clearly about the requirements that you must bring.


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